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If you suffer with headaches and migraines you know the havoc they can wreak on your daily life. Lost work time, family interruptions, intense pain, and prescription medicines become the norm. If you’ve tried Chiropractic or Acupuncture and not had any lasting relief the Myokinesthetic System can help. These treatments are effective for all types of headaches and migraines including stress related, cluster, and hormonal. The treatments are quick and effective, do not require you to get undressed, and use no creams or lotions. You can come on your lunch break for a treatment and still have time to eat to spare!

When combined with some simple diet analysis and modification, this one-two punch can keep your headaches at bay and give you your life back. Just listen to what our headache suffering clients have to say about these treatments:

I have semi-frequent headaches, along with neck pain. Tom’s first treatment involved only a 10-15 minute visit. I had the onset of a headache when he started and by the time he finished, not only had the headache not gotten worse, but the pain was totally gone. I would recommend anyone who struggles with headaches to try Tom’s technique.”


I began suffering from severe, debilitating migraines about 5 years ago. Many trips to my family doctor, a neurologist, and finally an MRI, were all to no avail. I was never able to identify any specific triggers for the migraine either. So with each migraine, I would end up in bed for about a day and a half on prescription pain and nausea medications. With each headache, I was unable to go to work (or do anything else) because of the pain and the medications. I do not know how many days I have missed from work because of these headaches, but if I had to guess, I would say at least 15 to 20 days.

I was lucky enough to meet Tom through a friend of mine. Since I have been going to Tom for treatments, I am extremely happy to say that my headaches have decreased drastically. I still have a headache once in a while, but they have not been nearly as severe or debilitating. I have also not missed any time from work since I began treating with Tom. This in itself has had a huge impact on my life.”


I have had migraines for years and have them about 3-5 times a month, sometimes missing work due to their severity. A friend recommended Tom and told me about a new technique he was using to treat migraines. The treatment only lasts 15 minutes so it’s easy to go on my lunch hour. I have been treating for about two months now and have seen an improvement in the severity of my migraines. I have not missed a day of work since undergoing these treatments and would highly recommend it to anyone who suffers from migraines.

If you or anyone you know suffers from headaches or migraines relief can begin in as little as 10-15 minutes. Please call today to set up your appointment.
3 Sessions – $99
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