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Weight Loss
weight management
Weight Management Our approach to weight loss can help you take off and keep off that stubborn weight that you have been trying to lose. Whether its 10 lbs, 50 lbs, or more, our healthy weight loss programs are flexible and based on a solid scientific approach that enables to you to take control of your weight and overall well being. Your whole world can change once you move in the direction of your ideal weight and energy levels.

We’ve all tried various diet programs and had some success by why do we keep falling off the wagon and regaining the weight we tried so hard to lose? Many factors come into play like stress, hormones, caloric intake, and metabolism. With so many diet programs out there it can get super confusing.

So... would you like to try the easiest one-two combo for fast and permanent weight loss that is guaranteed to take weight off quickly and allow you to keep losing all the weight you need while still feeling fully satisfied?

Then the New Era Skin and Body Weight Loss Coaching Program is for you.
The New Era Skin and Body Weight Loss Coaching Program is a life changing 90 day program for those who seriously want to take control of their weight, health and energy levels. Let’s face it if you are at or near your ideal weight and eating well you will have more energy to devote to the meaningful areas of your life. Our intention is not to fill you with pre-packaged fake foods and mystery supplements, but to teach, coach, motivate, and hold you accountable for making the necessary lifestyle adjustments so you can reach your health goals safely and permanently.

This 12 week program includes 6 one hour weekly coaching calls or office visits, and six 15 minute weekly office visits thereafter to check your weight and ask questions.

Each weekly session builds on the previous and are jam packed with nutrition information, exercise strategies, eating ideas, recipes, strategies, tips, and so much more. After learning our core two phase eating approach in the first week all subsequent sessions will build on and reinforce the eating plan.

After the six sessions you will come in to the office once a week for a weigh in and to ask any questions you might have. While there are no required supplements to purchase we do strongly recommend Lose It, a healthy appetite suppressant to keep you on track.

You can’t put a price on good health! Get started on your body transformation today!

Cost $399 (Monthly Installment Plan Available)
We Provide Services to the Following Cities and Towns in NC: